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Laura Goldfarb Falls is a certified meditation teacher who whole-heartedly believes anyone can meditate. You don't need to wear yoga pants, burn incense, sit in the lotus position, or even chant "OM." You also don't need to forcibly try to clear your mind (thoughts are not our enemy). While meditation is indeed a spiritual practice, it does not require belief in any particular philosophy or worldview. All that's needed to meditate is a willingness to try.

Laura began to experience the positive, life-changing effects of a daily meditation practice shortly after learning Vedic Meditation in 2016. She immediately felt less stressed and anxious, and slept better than ever before. (She also cured herself of gum disease, which her dentist believed was initially caused by stress!) Gradually she felt more content, calm and confident, and able to consistently see life's bigger picture. After years of struggling to truly grasp the concept of "self-love," it finally clicked with meditation. Today, with a practice that integrates various types and techniques of meditation, Laura feels happier and more tuned in to herself. 

It soon became Laura's mission to help others improve their lives by unearthing their own superpowers through meditation. Laura completed the Veda Center's 200-Hour Meditation Teacher Training in the summer of 2018, studying under Charlie Knoles. She is currently studying to become a Vedic Meditation teacher, but presently she is certified to teach 12 specific techniques in four categories of meditative experience, noted below.


types of meditation

These days we're constantly hearing about the benefits of practices like Mindfulness Meditation or 10-day silent Vipassana retreats. While those popular practices are absolutely wonderful, if we don't happen to connect with them, it's easy to feel like meditation just isn't suited for us.

The reality is that meditation is not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing! There are hundreds of meditation techniques out there, and what works for your friend or partner might not necessarily work for you. Having one-on-one time with a certified meditation teacher like Laura can help you to choose a practice that's best for you and your mind type.

Already a meditator? It never hurts to do a little check up! Often we benefit from a teacher helping us to switch on our 'advanced settings' to go deeper into our practice, and sometimes we find that a technique that worked well for us in the past is not suited for us right now.

Laura is certified to teach the following types of meditation: 

Present Moment Awareness

By bringing your attention to your breath, sensations in your body, or in the environment around you, you become non-judgmentally aware of what's happening right now in the present moment. Current experiences become more vivid, anxieties and traumas from the past begin to fade, and your ability to be mindful in every moment increases, even under pressure. Techniques include Anapana Breathing, Zen Breath, and Five Senses Body Scan.

Calm Focus

By keeping yourself focused on a visualization, a chant, music, a person's voice, or even a vision of a desired future, you become effortlessly attentive to your intentions. This state is similar to a trance and is extremely useful for achieving specific goals like overcoming fears, becoming more productive, letting go of dependencies, or gaining greater compassion, acceptance and universal love. Techniques include Compassion & Loving Kindness, Light From The Heart, and Self Realization.

Energized Body & Mind

By breathing in very specific patterns through the nose or mouth, and in conjunction with body movements or mental visualization, you stimulate and balance your nervous system, leading to a feeling of flow and bliss. You feel tapped into a deeper source of energy, awake and aware of your body. You're less prone to injuries, and are able to move deeper into yoga poses. Techniques include Nadi Shodhana Pranayama, Kapalbhati Breathing, and Breathing To The Chakras.

Transcendence/Self Discovery

By going through a cycle of repeating and letting go of mantras (simple repetitive sounds) chosen for their calming effects, you allow the mind to dip into quieter states of consciousness. The ideal outcome is to transcend the ego and intellect, and directly experience a deeper, unbounded aspect of the self which feels like it is beyond time, space, memory and thought. 

Please note, Laura is currently studying and training to be a Vedic Meditation teacher, which will allow for assigning students their personal mantras. In the meantime, she is certified to teach Transcendence/Self Discovery meditations using more general and widely accessible mantras.

services & pricing

Drop-In Group Courses run approximately 30-60 minutes and offer a bird's eye view of a particular meditation technique, complete with a guided practice.

4-Day Intensive Group Courses typically cover 4 specific meditation techniques from the 4 main categories of meditative experience listed above (Present Moment Awareness, Calm Focus, Energized Body & Mind, Transcendence/Self Discovery). These courses allow students to fully immerse themselves in the world of meditation and create a practice best suited for them. Occasionally, 4-Day Intensive Group Courses focus on one specific technique to allow students to master it and fully explore it with Laura's guidance.

Both Drop-In and 4-Day Group Courses are currently offered in Los Angeles, CaliforniaSign up for Laura's e-mail list to be notified when group courses are available to book.  

Private courses are designed for individuals who desire a more personal experience, typically in the comfort of their own homes. They can be arranged to fit your schedule and can either be for an individual, couples, or for a group of friends and family up to 10 people. Private courses are done in-person for 4 consecutive days (or nights), and include consultation sessions via video chat prior to and following the teaching. Laura is available to travel anywhere in the world. Send Laura an email to discuss your private course. All prices below are in USD. 

  • Drop-In Group Course - $40

  • 4-Day Intensive Group Course - $750

  • Private Course, Individual - $1,500* 

  • Private Course, Couples - $2,500*

  • Private Course, Up to 10 - $8,000*

    *plus travel & accommodations, as needed



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